Labor Day Party 9/4 or 9/5 Rain Day

HI folks, end of season fast approaching

Last big party scheduled for Sunday September 4 rain date Monday September 5 about 12:30 after tennis

GUESTS – By all means. Cost is $30 and an additional $15 if your guest wants to play

THEME – International day was well received last year so we are doing it again. The $30 is all inclusive but we are encouraging participation by anyone who wants to. PURELY VOLUNTARY. So

if you have a favorite ethnic selection which you or your spouse cooks or purchase, please feel free to contribute. It would add to the variety and fun

MENU – still a work in progress. Possibilities: jerk chicken, vegetarian lasagna, Cuban roast pork, Albanian cheese pies, Jamaican meat patties or empanadas, something Filippino,

Greek salad, sodas and sangria, desserts. SUGGESTIONS WELCOME. We will try to be democratic

OTHER ACTIVITY Рwe will recognize our game arranger, Jon Рthis is an annual tradition. Please make contribution to Bob Bernikow or Karyn. I have had inquiries about what is a suggested amount

ENTIRELY UP YOU. $20 is kind of the average but many people give $40, $50, $100. Place money in Bob’s or Karyn”s envelope for complete anonymity. No one need to know how much you give

Also – free raffle – I will think of sone fun gifts

Earliest response and payment is encouraged and welcome


Donna Barasch